I am an animal and nature lover, Advanced Practitioner in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and Practitioner in Essential Oils for Animals. I work with animals who have extreme fears and anxieties and/or are aggressive and I support people who are grieving for the loss of an animal companion, whether that be death or any other separation, so little understood by many people. What makes me unique is that I work from the heart, listening, understanding and encouraging – bringing together my therapies and my life experiences to tailor my support to the individual animal/person/situation. As a result of working with the special needs animals, the animals find trust in people and life, their people find a safer and easier life through gaining a deeper connection with their animal and are released from the stress and isolation these animals bring. As a result of supporting clients going through or having gone through a death of an animal companion they can move forwards knowing it is with the love of their animal in their hearts, and feel lighter and no longer reside in a dark, despairing place alone.

In my online shop you can buy my own range of flower essences co-created with love and magic.

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Grief Support

Grief, Animal Loss, Animal Separation, Bereavement, Flower Essences, Support, LoveSupport for the loss of your animal companion

Special Needs

Bringing harmony to your special needs animal

Flower Essences

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The magic and harmony of flower essences


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Explore my home-made flower essences


Find out more about Victoria and her work

Essential Oils

Allowing animals to choose essential oils


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See what my clients are saying about my work


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Refresh your soul with my nature photography

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