About Me

From an early age I have been an animal lover and found being with and connecting with animals very natural. I have always been sensitive to discord and so harmony has always been very important to me and is key, along with love, in my work and connections with animals and people.

I am qualified in Flower and Vibrational Medicine, Essential Oils for Animals, Flower Power Healing, Reiki and Animal Communication, but my biggest teachers have been the animals I have been lucky enough to have as companions and the flowers. I am a Magdalene Priestess and work deeply with flower energy at a soul level.

I look at the bigger holistic picture of the energy and emotions to ensure all levels of a being are in resonance, harmony and balance.

Flowers, animals, nature, trees, photography, kindness, listening and nurturing are my passions.

My Story

In 2008 my very special dog died after a long illness – he had CDRM (the dog version of MS). His death hit me hard, and took me on the path of life after death and animal communication, desperate as I was for answers and not to lose my connection with him. His illness led me to research alternative therapies, looking at things holistically (the whole being) and how our attitudes help or hinder our animals; and how important getting support is. We had another eighteen months of quality time together as a result of this. My journey of researching whole health continued when I fostered a dog with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and sent him to his forever home bouncing with health.

Shortly afterwards I adopted two dogs from a rescue centre, one was very gentle and kind but very shut down and the other one was people-aggressive. Both of them have taught me so much about health, emotions, attitudes, connections, trust, and about myself. Gentle Polly died in April 2017 having regained her trust in humans and finding joy in the love she was able to receive. She taught me a lot about grief, gratitude and acceptance before, during and after her death. Rufus (pictured above) died in April 2018, our journey together had been comprised of a lot of stress and a lot of learning – about myself and about ways to help him. He was the one who led me to qualify in essential oils for animals and flower essences, he helped me to tune my listening skills to a fine art to respond to him in the best way that served us both. In the last few years of his life we progressed so far from the dangerous dog he was, regaining his trust was equally as rewarding as regaining Polly’s trust.

In May 2017, three weeks after Polly died, my very special horse, Carrick, died. She had been with me for 25 years and we had (and have) the strongest bond, she was my rock and got me through the toughest times of my life. You can read more about her and buy her healing and protecting essence in my shop. She has been a guiding light to me in my life and my work and continues to be so, both about the grief and other areas.

My current animal companions are Susie and Grace, two Romanian street dogs. Susie came four years ago and Grace in June this year. Susie is solid, stable, and the most loving dog. Grace is extremely sweet but very timid and wary of people so I am on the journey of regaining her trust. We are making great progress and she particularly likes my flower essences, she is also helped immensely by Susie.

I have recently completed and gained my certificate in Flower Power Healing. It was a year long course going in depth with flowers, using them energetically to help people and animals. It is a very effective and powerful way of empowering and enhancing you or your animal.

I am designing my own flower message cards, which I hope to produce later this year.

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