Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of plants. They are highly volatile, releasing their aroma as soon as they are exposed to the air. The very small molecules pass very easily through the olfactory system and to the brain and the blood, affecting the body physically and emotionally. Inhaling the oil is the most effective way of bringing about emotional changes, which then filters down to the physical – all physical problems are a result of emotional imbalances. The sense of smell is so powerful and the scent goes very quickly to the hypothalamus, which controls the automatic processes and the moods of the body. This produces instructions to the rest of the body via the endocrine system to balance the body and mind and promote healing.

Essential oils help animals with releasing past traumas and abuses; with fears and phobias and gaining confidence; lack of trust in themselves, in a situation or in humans; grief or loss of companion; adjusting to a new home; depression; hyperactivity; anxieties; and animals who have shut down. By clearing the emotional issues the physical issues will melt away. The oils bring improvements on many levels. I have volunteered at a horse rescue yard offering oils helping many of their horses, ponies and donkeys to release their fears and previous traumas and abuses and give them confidence to interact with humans again, restoring their trust in humans and in life.

I believe in allowing the animals the choice, listening to them, empowering them in their own healing and so I utilise essential oil self-selection (zoopharmacognosy) where they choose which oil they want to use and for how long and at what distance and they can walk away when they have had enough or do not want the oil. Here, Obi the cat is processing the oil from his chosen distance, when he had finished he got up and walked away.

The essential oils are part of my tool bag to help your special needs animals. Allowing the animal to choose whether to engage with the oil or not is a form of listening, and this combined with the benefits of the chosen oils specifically for your animal and the mindful time you spend together offering them, all combine to build the trust which gives you a solid foundation to work from and grow together. I do not treat your animal – I teach you to offer the oils, which also enhances your connection with your animal. Please contact me to find out more.

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