Flower Energetics

 Using the Flower Power of Flower Energetics for your and your animal’s well-being and enhancement. Flower Harmony at its best.

Flower Energetics, or Flower Power Healing, is a way of using the power of flowers in their light/energetic form for healing, using their energy to transform anything negative or stuck into something beautiful, positive and flowing perfectly to promote harmony and ease in your life.

I connect with your etheric or soul body and bring the flowers in to help with whatever you have asked for help with or whatever I might pick up that needs help. The flowers are used in many forms, whichever is appropriate for your healing – sometimes whole within you, sometimes specific parts used on specific parts of you, sometimes as an etheric tea or oil or tincture. Very often a message from the flower(s) will come through for you as well.

It is a very effective and powerful healing method and can be done in person or remotely. It works very well for animals as well as people. Everyone benefits from flowers.
I am a certified Flower Power Healing practitioner.

Flowers are an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves.
~ Eckhart Tolle ~

I am a Rose Priestess: I have always had an affinity with flowers/plants/herbs/trees, my body and mind are most at home in and around them and my soul is aligned with them so their healing and their messages flow through me with ease so when I found the Flower Power Healing course after having been a practitioner with essential oils for animals and a producer and practitioner of flower essences I was in my element. I bring to you and your animals the love and power of flowers/trees/herbs on this powerful level of light – Flower Energetics.

Rufus was one of my dogs, he was one who snapped and defended himself with his teeth, he lost his trust when he was pretty much tortured as a pup. I got him at 10 months old, 9 years previous to this healing. Over the years he had improved a lot but was still suspicious and still had a very high level of anxiety. I still could not get a collar on him or cut his knots off but I could hug him. He was born with a lot of love in his heart and he wanted to connect and love – one of the reasons I never gave up on him despite the extreme difficulties. I felt he would benefit from a flower healing and that it might help him trust a bit more than he did at that time. I chose Erigeron karvinskianus (mexican fleabane) – it grows in cracks and crevices and walls, it has white and pink petals and yellow centres, like a daisy but with narrower petals. It is one of my favourite flowers. I surrounded Rufus with a ‘wall’ of Erigeron and felt them shining their love onto him, dissolving his walls and filling his energy with love. The white of the petals felt as if they were purifying him, bringing light to the dark within him. The pink felt as if they were passing on deep and strong love and the yellow centres were shining on him and giving him hope and power within himself, empowering him to trust. I placed sandstone under each of his four paws to power his courage and to let himself be vulnerable and to trust, that he was safe. He was very relaxed during and after the healing and chose to lay down next to me, flat out on his side. He was a lot softer and more relaxed after this healing and he allowed me to do more with him and touch him more, for longer and in different places, we became even closer. He was much more trusting and relaxed about our interactions.

Buy a healing here for you and/or your animal or please contact me to find out more about flower energetics.

Client Feedback

“Victoria recently carried out some flower healing on both Bronte, my labrador, and myself.

For Bronte, the flower healing was to help her back. She is nine years old and although she looks fit and well, her body is damaged as a result of the seizures she has suffered from a young age. Her spine, in particular, carries a lot of tension and causes her to hunch her back. Her right cruciate ligament is also very weak, causing an awkward gait at times as she transfers her weight to compensate.

After the healing, the word that strongly came to mind was FREEDOM… both of movement and spirit. When we went for our walk the following day, Bronte seemed to be swinging along – even her tail seemed to be on a spring! She had more physical energy than I had seen for a while. And when resting, she was also much more relaxed – actually stretching her body out fully again, instead of curling herself up with the tension.  Never doubt flower power – it really works and with no side effects to worry about.

Victoria has the knowledge and an innate ability to choose exactly the right treatment. She also brings so much love to her healing and the results are absolutely amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of this very special lady. 

My own healing was a rose remedy for the higher heart – and this was a truly amazing experience for me. I felt I had been transported, lifted by an incredibly beautiful energy that seemed to merge with me and yet was at the same time a separate entity that I sensed was calling to me.  I had a feeling of weightlessness, of floating and then I felt warm, loved and protected. I will never forget it, it was my first experience of this kind of healing and I would recommend it to anyone who is open to entering a higher and very different level of consciousness. Victoria’s wisdom tells her exactly what is required and the manner in which she needs to do it for the best possible outcome and… be in no doubt, she will bring the love of her own beautiful heart to the healing.”

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