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 Creating intuitive flower essence blends for you and your animals or choose from my own essences in my shop.

Flower & vibrational (gem/environmental/channelled) essences are very gentle yet powerful remedies, which can be transformational through relieving blocks and bringing clarity to you by gently rebalancing your energy system. They work with your emotions and your energy systems. They can help you cope with challenges, help with finding direction, help with adjusting to change, bring confidence and lift distress. They are completely safe and have no contra-indications.

They can be used for men as well as women, for children and for animals. Even plants can benefit if they need help settling in after being moved. Blessing a stream with essences will take that energy to wherever the stream goes and whatever it touches. That one drop of flower essence will energise the whole stream. In this and similar ways we can help the planet too.

I have created my own unique range of flower, gem and combination essences which I am honoured to offer to the world. You can find them in my flower essence shop on this website.

Flowers help us release, renew and rejoice.
They remind us of who we really are and let us return to our state of beauty and freedom.

~ Darina Stoyanova ~

Flower essences are usually made by placing some flowers in a bowl of spring water and placing the bowl in the sun for the energy of the flowers to be transferred to the water. Nothing physical is transferred and the water is filtered before being bottled. What is contained is pure and beautiful energy from whatever the flower is that we have used. So this makes it completely safe to take essences made using poisonous plants.

The water is preserved in alcohol or vegetable glycerine or cider vinegar to keep away bacteria and fix the energy of the flower. Essences can also be made by placing the bowl of spring water next to the flowers that are left on the plant and using the intention of transferring the energy of the flower. This is usually my preferred method because it leaves the plants intact. Essences can also be made from crystals in the same way. There are also environmental essences which are made in the same way as the non-cut method of flower essences.

Essences can be taken directly under the tongue, in drinks or used externally in creams, mister sprays or directly onto the skin, particularly the wrists. Even sitting with the bottle holding it in your hands can bring the effects of the essence to you. Only a few drops are needed at a time if taken internally or used externally.

Flower essences raise our energy to their beautiful level. I look at the positive that we are trying to reach rather than the negative we are trying to banish. What is the goal? That is what I am aiming for as I know the flowers have such high and beautiful energy that when we use the essences their pure strength brings us up to match theirs. And in this place we can heal and move on or cope, or whatever it is that we need to do or be.

Dr Bach created the first range of flower essences – flowers and essences have been used since the beginning of time but Dr Bach brought them to the public in a more measured way. I find him a very inspiring man… is this not a beautiful way of looking at our way forward? — “Our whole object is to realise our faults, and endeavour so to develop the opposing virtue that the faults will disappear from us like snow melts in the sunshine. Don’t fight your worries: don’t struggle with your disease: don’t grapple with your infirmities: rather forget them in concentrating on the development of the virtue you require.” This from his book ‘Heal Thyself’.

So we can call on their help to bring us to the next level of where we are going, help us find clarity and direction, give us hope, lift our spirits, help us navigate the path of grief, help us acknowledge and release emotions such as anger, help us find more beauty in ourselves and others, help us to shine our inner light, show us we are worthy, release stress, worry and anxiety, help us find confidence, help us find peace within ourselves, and of course restoring the love to us. And many, many more!

Buy the intuitive flower essence combination service or contact me to find out how I use flower essences to help you and/or your animal.

Client Feedback

“Victoria recently included a combination made up of up to six flower essences of your choice from her range and I decided now was the perfect to try flower essences out on me, my horses and the land where they are kept. I have tried Bach flower remedies and essential oils in the past, but never flowers and was growing more fascinated by them from her Facebook page. However, I really wanted white rose as one of my combination, which she didn’t have on offer, however after emailing her to ask, she promptly went out and made one up for me and has produced the most beautiful combination essence which oozes with love and healing energy. I am an energy therapist and have found the essence has helped me take my work to a higher level. The horses and land are still waiting for their’s while I sort out an unbreakable bowl! I have nothing but praise for Victoria and her work and would not hesitate to recommend her services. Her knowledge and skill is second to none and she works from her heart for the highest good of her client, be they human or animal. Thank you Victoria for being who you are and the work that you do.”

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