This essence combination helps us be in the best state for sleep, helping relaxation, reducing mind chatter and bringing a feeling of safety.


The sleep combination ties together some of the different aspects of why we may have problems sleeping, whether that is trouble going to sleep or waking up and not able to go back to sleep, and sometimes more than one can be out of balance – everything is connected. It helps us to release the mind chatter that stops us relaxing and switching off, helps to bring us peace, tranquility and releases anxiety, bringing reassurance. It brings protection and the secure knowledge you will survive and everything will be okay. It will bring a cloak of calmness and security. It helps us feel safe, supported, cherished and looked after. It releases tension, brings relaxation and calm. It helps release stress, deepens breathing and soothes… easing us into sleep. This one may help animals who are too restless to settle and sleep especially for those that do not feel safe enough to settle and rest – new arrivals among others.

It contains essences of Lavender, Amethyst, White Chestnut, Rose ‘Fourth of July’ and White Yarrow.

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm

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