White Chestnut Essence


For bringing you peace and calm and helping you to remain mindful and in the present moment.


This lovely essence brings you peace and calm and helps you to remain mindful and in the present moment; it is for helping to allow your mental chatter to drift off once you have acknowledged it with compassion and kindness; for bringing you back to your centre and able to ‘be’ with yourself and the world around you; for feeling your anxiety drain away and be replaced by serenity and inner security; for relaxing and releasing any rigidity you have your thoughts. You will find that you won’t fall apart.
It doesn’t matter the buzzing (see the bee in the photo) or distractions around you, with White Chestnut you will find that still and present space within you that will allow you to remain calm and at peace.
It will help to bring peace and calm to animals, allowing them to feel more relaxed in any surroundings that are not as peaceful as they could be. It helps them pause, as it helps us, and so bringing them back to peace and allowing them to relax.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.2 × 8.5 cm

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