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Here you will find my flower essences and my services…

My home-made Flower Harmony essences are co-created with the love, harmony and beauty of the flowers, trees and gems that I am called to work with. Some essences are made using the cut flowers in the bowl, some are made using the non-cut method of placing the bowl of water near to the flowers and channelling their energy – I ask the flower which I should do before I start. Tree essences are created using the non-cut method and gem essences with the crystal in the bowl or within a bowl in the bowl of water depending on the safety of the crystal. All my essences have a high and supporting vibration and they can be used for humans of all ages and animals of all ages and sizes.

My individual stock essences are in 15ml bottles and the combinations are in 50ml bottles. The essences are preserved in alcohol (vodka) but if you have a problem with this please let me know and I can make them up with vegetable glycerine instead.

Postage is a flat rate depending on where you are in the world.

Allow the photos to draw you to what your heart feels you need and then read the descriptions.

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