“Victoria recently included a combination made up of up to six flower essences of your choice from her range and I decided now was the perfect to try flower essences out on me, my horses and the land where they are kept. I have tried bach flower and essential oils in the past, but never flowers and was growing more fascinated by them from her facebook page. However I really wanted white rose as one of my combination, which she didn’t have on offer, however after emailing her to ask, she promptly went out and made one up for me and has produced the most beautiful combination essence which oozes of love and healing energy. I am an energy therapist and have found the essence has helped me take my work to a higher level. The horses and land are still waiting for their’s while I sort out an unbreakable bowl! I have nothing but praise for Victoria and her work and would not hesitate to recommend her services. Her knowledge and skill is second to none and she works from her heart for the highest good of her client, be they human or animal. Thank you Victoria for being who you are and the work that you do.”

“Victoria has a natural ability to work with all animals. When my animals are needing support it is Victoria I am drawn to assist in their healing. Victoria works from her heart to connect to the heart of each animal with deep reverence and understanding. Victoria intuited a bespoke essence for healing on the soul on a profound level that also works and supports the animals owner. It provides much comfort to treat the root of the issue.”

“When a routine visit to my dentist for a check-up turned into an unexpected hour-long ordeal of drilling with insufficient anaesthetic to protect the nerve, I returned home distraught and with throbbing pain. A few drops of Star of Bethlehem in a glass of water, sipped slowly, worked like magic, helping me to release the trauma and tension and very quickly restoring me to a calmer, more settled state. I felt soothed and comforted and the pain began to ease and then faded away. Victoria’s own range of flower and gem essences is unique and amazing – gentle, kind and comforting but with powerful healing qualities. I cannot speak too highly of Victoria’s products and her services – she is the rescue service with a difference and not a pill or a plaster in sight! She has also successfully treated my dog, who has her own combination of flower essences especially made up for her specific needs.”

Much has happened since you treated us. 

I finally got over my aches and pains – I can’t remember what stage they were when I had my healing, but it turned out a virus got into my joints / muscles. Eventually I got over it and I’m working now on regaining my cardio fitness. I’m still generally happy since the soul healing 🙂 We went away for Christmas which helped and I became even happier and relaxed Emma on holiday, and I’m pretty much still that way now. I tried quite a few things outside my comfort zone whilst we were away – not sure I would have done this previously. 
In terms of Dixie, he is so happy! Unfortunately he was kicked in the field at the end of summer – quite nasty – lots of stitches and vet visits. He handled it so well, he was such a good boy. That is when I really felt the impact of your work with him. He took it all in his stride and his mood didn’t dip at all. He’s back in work a couple of months now and has healed really well. I had my saddler out yesterday and she actually commented about how happy he is 🙂 
So I just really wanted to take the time and give you a proper update and to let you know how appreciative I am of the work you did for both of us – it means the world.

“Alfie is not so aggressive and doesn’t spend all his time after school with gritted teeth and bare frustration and anger showing. He will relate to me the day’s events and also seems to go off to asleep better. In my opinion he is less angry. He is very happy to use it (essence combination) and actively seeks it out to take before school. His teacher commented on how much less angry he is, and calmer.”

“Thank you so much for the essence it really helped me! It felt like I had a wash from the inside out, lots of crying to suddenly feeling in control…fantastic! I went from anger, frustration to confident within days. I was successful in my job interview too so I can’t thank you enough.”

“Thank you so much Victoria for the essence you made up for me to help conquer my fear about having a tooth extracted. It worked so well and today the tooth left easily! I have taken the essence for some weeks and it helped me work through old memories of dental trauma and come to a really calm accepting place about what had to happen. I did lots of talking to that tooth and visualisation of it coming out easily and it worked! The essence was with me before and during the process I held the bottle in my hand and inhaled some lovely lavender essential oil before to help calm me, then I took some straight after and will continue as I am sure it will help disperse any trauma. My mouth just feels a little bruised.”

“My beautiful flower essences arrived today. Little bottles of miracles for healing and growth. I know I will come to rely on these as I do with my oils when I’m working with clients and there horses.. Victoria is an amazing healer, full of wisdom and encouragement who makes these essences.”

I had a distant flower healing with Victoria and it was fabulous. The flower that came forward for me was a very sacred flower to me which was incredibly intuitive of Victoria. I was in a different time zone when the healing happened. I was in the shower and I was feeling slightly crushed, a bit jet lagged and a bit apprehensive about the very busy week ahead workwise. It was like someone switched me on again and I felt taller, more awake, much happier and not so daunted about what lay ahead – more secure I suppose. It was an incredible feeling. The most amazing thing is that the next day when I showered I had the same “energy” boost. Thank you so much Victoria

“I recently had a soul healing with Victoria. Her findings were insightful and accurate, getting to the heart of my present situation. Her gentle feedback was given softly and with guidance for receiving the information. Her healing “tools” in the forms of beautiful flowers and oil were nothing short of a much needed gift to me right now. I would highly recommend having such a healing from Victoria to help you heal and shift into a lighter and more energetic state of being.”

“Having watched the very moving video of Larry pouring his heart out to Victoria as she offered him essential oils, I contacted Victoria to see if she could help my Labrador, Bronte, who has epilepsy and many associated anxieties and fears. Working with the information I provided, Victoria carried out a full assessment, including a nutritional analysis. As I live within a few miles of Victoria, I was very fortunate to be able to meet her in person and discuss the treatment. Even before the assessment was complete, Bronte communicated directly with Victoria in an exquisite, extremely emotional moment that I will never, ever forget. Overwhelmed is not even close… she ‘spoke’ of the moment we met when she was just 7 months old and of her love for me. Victoria later returned with the oils and showed me how to offer them – with patience and love. Bronte responded immediately and now, a few weeks on, I can experience that unique closeness for myself as the oils help her to relax and release negative emotions that would otherwise continue to build up and cause problems. Through the process of offering the oils and having quiet, meditative times with Bronte I am also learning a lot about myself and how sensitive my dog is to my own emotions and responses. We are healing each other and the bond we have is now stronger than I ever imagined it could be; that feels so good. When I first met Victoria, it was as if I had known her all my life; utterly charming, kind and caring and brimming with love… a very special lady, to whom I am so grateful and would have no hesitation in recommending.”

“I highly recommend Victoria – Skeeter had our first consultation and she is sooo much calmer and happier already. Her OCD behaviours are also decreasing with time. Self selection is lovely because of course they can choose whether to partake or not. Magic’s oils arrived last week and we are currently now working our way through the other boys as they were sooo keen on sniffing and licking his! Magic’s coat and itches are already improving. Self selection healing, what’s not to like?”

“I initially asked Victoria for a consultation for our rescued collie Skeeter who has OCD. On seeing how fast Skeeter responded to the oils that Victoria provided, I also asked her for consultations with our other dogs and horses. Victoria has always been extremely prompt at replying to my queries, and the response from the animals for both emotional and physical conditions has been astounding. Victoria is a very kind, compassionate lady and is always available for questions and further support. Echo our little lurcher had an altercation with a feral cat, where she came off worse. She was in shock and so Victoria offered to communicate with her and also suggested appropriate oils to help Echo with her feelings and physical injuries. Within 48 hours Echo was back to her best! Victoria has an excellent ‘bedside manner’ and has been a huge support to me as I learn all about animal healing and communication. I am forever grateful for her support on my own learning journey and I wish her all the success in the future. I cannot recommend anyone more highly. Your best friends will be in the best possible hands!”

“We have a Bernese Mountain Dog called Lucy. She had a joint condition called Osteochondritis dissecans where the cartilage flakes off and floats around in the joint causing pain. Sadly Lucy has this in both shoulders and both elbows. When Lucy was growing up her exercise was very restricted and with the vet’s agreement we held off until she was 2 to have her right shoulder operated on. By then she was starting to show pain and one weekend she was suddenly in immense pain. We rushed her to the specialist hospital and they operated within hours. The recovery time was months. Eventually she began to get close to a normal amount of exercise, but then, at 3 years old she began to show problems with the left shoulder. Because this condition can recur we wanted to wait until she showed that she couldn’t manage much longer and were on the verge of taking her to the vet with the expectation that they would need to operate on her shoulder. In the hope that it might help, I asked Victoria if she might be able to do anything for Lucy. I don’t know what I was hoping for – a miracle maybe? We received the oils from Victoria and at that point Lucy was walking with her left elbow stuck out and her body bent like a banana. When she ran she windmilled the leg. To my utter astonishment, on the third day after receiving the oils Lucy was no longer holding her elbow out and walking straight. I took her for her walk and the windmilling stopped. Lucy has had no further problems since then and the operation has been cancelled. I now recommend Victoria to so many people. She’s not only kind and caring, but is an amazing healer.”

Victoria did me a lovely flower healing. I felt warm and glowing afterwards and Victoria talked of a healing goddess and clearing my chakras with pure edelweiss. The goddess visited me in a dream and left me with the message that I need to believe in my own healing powers and to be patient to give these things time to work. I highly recommend Victoria’s flower healing.

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